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Agar Fresco

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Product Details

Agar Fresco is an all in one washroom cleaner for showers, toilets and ceramic tiles. It has been specially formulated to be environmentally preferable. Fresco is a new-generation cleaning liquid formulated for maximum effectiveness with an absolute minimum impact on the environment.

Main Features

  • Completely biodegradable, rapidly breaking down into friendly by-products.
  • Made from renewable and regrowable surfactants. It’s detergents are derived from coconut oil, acids from citrus fruit and malt products and lime oil from citrus fruit. Lime oil gives an excellent natural solvent and a refreshing perfume.
  • It’s organic acid ingredients, containing a mild food acid with no irritating fumes, low in corrosiveness and low in toxicity. Cleaners will want to use this cleanser!
  • No toxic, harmful or ecologically-suspect ingredients: no ammonia, glycol ethers, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, caustics, corrosives, chlorine, heavy metal sequestering agents or phthalates.